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Time Measurement

The competition time measurement will be measured at 3 different departure points and the chips will be placed on the back of your single-handed and chest numbers. You will be informed of details during the kit delivery.

Time measurement will be made by Timing Turk company.

Electronic scheduling work is carried out with the systems produced by Active Network Ipico Sports, of American origin, included in our inventory. The London and Tokyo marathons, which are the World’s Major Marathon events, are the leading road race events where our system is used in the world. In addition, it is used in the electronic scheduling works of the Istanbul Marathon and Istanbul Half Marathon events, which are the biggest  international road running events in our country and which are also in the gold category by the IAAF with its old name and the new name of the World Athletics International Association.

Since 2015, we have been continuing our business professionally with the knowledge, knowledge and experience we have gained in many national and international events with the existing system.

At this point, we follow the technological and local needs and meet the system requirements.

Our team is one of the most experienced teams in Turkey in this context.

System operation is provided by RFID technology.

Another important point that we should mention about the process is that we are the representative of the system we are using in Turkey and the Balkan countries. In this context, we provide coordinator services to Spor Istanbul, which has the same system as we have, within the scope of Istanbul Marathon and Istanbul Half Marathon.